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Hades Descendants (Games of the Gods Book 1)

Beware, Olympus, because this dark horse might be your downfall…

Every year, the immortals of Mt. Olympus assemble for a brutal series of games. Welcome to The Trials, where the offspring of the gods must compete for their immortality.

There’s only one rule: Winner takes all.

I’m just Ana, an orphan, a cast-off. Nothing too special about me… except for that one pesky problem I have where things die when I touch them. Yep, it’s definitely an issue.

This year at The Trials, everyone’s expecting Haven Knightfall to win. One of Hades’s elite descendants, Haven is handsome and cruel and perfect to admire from afar. He just happens to also be my own personal tormentor—except when he’s kissing the daylights out of me. Which is not confusing at all.

No one’s betting on me, plain old Ana. No one expects an unclaimed orphan to win. But I’ll stop at nothing to learn to control my powers, beat Haven, and become Champion.

Beware, Olympus, because this dark horse might be your downfall…

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Vitrian Secrets Book1

Wanda Troms barely escaped death as a two-year-old infant when the onslaught started among the Vitrians.

Now, almost fifteen years later, she is thought to be The Chosen child, but she has no Vitrian powers to fight because her mother kept her away from the Vitrian lifestyle. With her gift so obvious, she has become the primary target.

However, she needs to find solace and trust in someone who can protect her, but there are so many secrets.

Who can she trust? Can she even trust her own parents? Is Wanda truly The Chosen Child? Can she find The Healing Mendez and save herself and her family?

The Vitrian Secrets is a spellbinding and captivating novel. It will keep you on edge till the end…

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Mocha, Murder & Magic: A paranormal cozy mystery (Witches, Mysteries & Coffee Syrups Book 1)

Mocha, Murder and Magic…

Disillusioned by magic, Sally Talbott turns her back on witchcraft and jumps realms to Luna Brook, a small, quiet town nestled into the hills of the Cotswolds, England and lands a job in the local café.

Instead of a normal life filled with coffee and customers, Sally discovers her employer and landlady, Betty, fights crime for a side income and is faced with a dead body, a spilt mocha and a murderer on the loose.

A corrupt mayor with Luna Brook’s reputation to keep clean is the perfect brew for trouble and Sally soon finds the finger of blame pointing to her.

Can Sally solve the crime, clear her name and make a new life for herself before she lands herself in jail? Can she continue the presence of normality or will she have to resort to magic? And why won’t Betty’s cat leave her alone?

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Crystal Casters: Awakening (The Crystal Casters Series Book 1)

When Cyndra Raine inherits her grandmother’s crystal, she inadvertently awakens a lethal elemental force she doesn’t understand. Panicked and desperate, she flees the safety of her village, determined to find answers only to run into a man named Rune with the same abilities and questions.

Zorin has spent twenty-five years soaring over his island waiting for something, anything, to change. After sensing caster power he can’t ignore, he leaves the island and finds two casters under attack on the mainland. He’s shocked to learn Cyndra and Rune are ignorant of their lineage and the war that destroyed the world.

Intrigued by Cyndra and the immense power she possesses, Zorin promises her the truth about the past in exchange for her help. Inexplicably drawn to the winged man, Cyndra agrees to his terms and together they begin a journey that tests everything she knows about her world and discovers a connection to Zorin more profound than any she’s ever imagined.

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