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Newcomers are on the horizon. And though no one gives it much thought, things are about to change..

In a town fully inhabited by the supernatural, life is surprisingly chill. Amelia, a young sylph, works as a bartender as she dreams of going to college and leaving her boring hometown behind. But little does she know, her boredom is about to be taken out by the light of the full moon… On a night of partying and reckless fun, Amelia’s best friend Eva, a witch with the power of prophecy, blurts out a fortune: newcomers are on the horizon. And though no one gives it much thought, things are about to change! When a roguishly handsome young man, Jared, walks into Amelia’s bar one night, she’s immediately interested. That is, until he opens his mouth and reveals his cynical attitude. What a turn off. When Amelia refuses to serve the young man, she is entirely unaware that he is the son of the alpha of the werewolf pack that has just moved into town. And her refusal is not taken lightly by other members of his pack. Though they try to bully her, she fights back, and ignores Jared’s apologies and attempts to befriend her. That is, until the other werewolves, provoked by Jared’s Uncle, Stefan, decide to try and dominate the other creatures in the town. Jared and Amelia are stuck together trying to keep the peace between the different beings in the town. But as they deal with the crazy creatures, they realize that they just might be crazy for each other!

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Immortal Illusion: A Transylvanian Vampire Paranormal Romance (Lost Royals of Transylvania Book 1)

Deep within the Carpathian Mountains, a clan of vampires seeks solace. For millennia, these lost royals have lived in the shadows, hiding their claim to a lineage older than time itself… But this one curse is about to thrust them into the light.


I’ve lived so long in the shadows, can you blame me for not giving a rat’s ass about humanity any longer? This lost village in the middle of the Carpathian Mountains is our latest hideout, lest the enemies of our royal bloodline find us again. And by us, I mean me and my five equally psychotic siblings—except, really, two of them are sweet as angels. 

Anyway. Da, we’re vampiri. And not the sparkle and vegetarian kind, either. The last thing we should do is attract attention and risk exposing ourselves. But when my sister falls mysteriously ill, the only person who can help her out is the old healer in town. And when he turns up dead? That leaves me with his way-too-stubborn and modern daughter. Very human daughter. 

I need Tassa to help my sister, but she’s got questions of her own about her father’s mysterious death, and our presence here. And an attitude to go with said questions, one that’s reminding me what it’s like to feel.

How much can I reveal, without it affecting the rest of us? 

How much will she take, before running away screaming? 

And how long until I fall head over heels for her?


One day, I’m staring at the mysterious castle on the border of my village, wondering what mysteries it hides. The next, I’m in said castle, basically sequestered by a vampir who saved my life, and five others who’d like nothing more than to snack off me. Well, except maybe Violeta, but she’s sick and that doesn’t count.

I should leave. Really, that’s what any human with half a brain would do. 

But I can’t—not when they’re the link to finding out what happened to Daddy. And maybe, just maybe, I can save one of them from imminent death. Out of all of them, surely she deserves it?

Never mind I’m starting to have sexy dreams about Nico, and then more weird shit starts happening as all the lore around me unravels faster than a Maserati running at full speed.

I never believed in curses, but now I’m living in one.

I never believed in myths and legends, now I’m proven wrong.

I never believed in love, and now I’m wondering again.

The only question is, will I escape with my life and heart intact, or become food for these royals?

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Seduced by Magic: A Steamy Paranormal Romance Anthology

Crawling under your skin.
Nibbling at your neck.
Sending tendrils of red heat through your body.
Delve into a world that exists just beyond the boundary of our reality.

Alphalicious shifters, lusty witches, sultry vampires, and all creatures supernatural and sexy are ready to lure you into the dark, where you’ll taste danger, embrace deliciously sensual pleasures, and find a romance to rival the ages.

Are you ready to be seduced?


Hint of Danger: A Fated Mates Paranormal Romance (Undercover Magic Book 1)

Lina wants the one thing a ghost can’t have. To be touched.

When she’s given the opportunity to rejoin the world of the living and experience exactly that, the muscle-bound immortal warrior with icy blue eyes is just what the doctor ordered.

As soon as Nord sees Lina sitting at the bar, he knows she’s who he’s been searching for. The woman he’s soul-bound to protect.

There’s just one problem.

He’s helpless against the very thing she needs protection from: Her past.

Lina might be the ghost, but she’s the one who’s haunted. Because the secrets of her past are coming for her. And if her dreams are any indication, those truths are the reason she ended up dead in the first place.

So while fate may have granted her a second chance at life, unraveling the mystery of who—and what—she used to be is the only thing standing between her and happily ever after.

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March Promotions

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