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Latest Release: LockPass (Varcolac Series Book 4)


Lockpass (Varcolac Book 4)

Twenty-Five-year-old Morgan Freeman had been kidnapped and ended up in the
one place she never thought she would be.

Will she be able to get back to her fiance, the three-thousand-year-old
Varcolac, Jason Chase, in time to stop the Great War?

Jason Chase is searching high and low for Morgan Freeman, his true mate,
and discovers her fate the day she wills all her abilities to him.

Will he be able to control the one ability that can change his past, or is
their love doomed?

In this gripping fourth book in the Varcolac series, Kristin plays with
time travel elements race against time and try to change the past.

*The fourth novel in USA Today Bestselling author Kristin Ping’s saga,
Guardians of Monsters.*

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