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Happy New 2022!


Happy new year, everyone.

I hope this year is going to be full of wonderful surprises for each and everyone for you. I know my year is fully booked with stories that I need to get on to paper and out in the world.

I’m super excited, The Curse’s Italian version is going to be released this year and I can’t wait to finally start that journey.

I’m also trying to finish all the Guardian of Monster Saga books. So hold thumbs that I’m going to succeed with that.

So it’s a year filled with busy things happening, and I hope Covid is not going to come in-between all the plans that I’m making.

I’m also celebrating this year with a new website. Designed by a new company called MarsDragon Designs. They have redone my logo, isn’t it cute with the flying hat landing not he broom. I think it’s something completely different and I absolutely love the motion effect.

So you will find new blog posts from me this year, covering everything in my writing career, from sharing other author’s works straight through the books that I’m writing and what is new and happening in the world of Kristin Ping.

I wish you all a wonderful 2022 and just the best for this year. I think we all need a great 2022 as the Covid depleted everything around the world and it’s time to start rising out of the ashes and move forward.

Till Later,



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