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Guardian of Monster Saga: The Djinns

Yes, you’ve heard it right. The last three books telling Julian’s story, starting with my freebie Crows of Winter, will come soon.

It follows Guardian Calista, who can change into a crow. The crows are the guardians of the Djinns and she is among a rare amount of crows in this world. Why did she change into a crow if the Djinns are a dying species? Well, that question gets answered when the King of Djinns, Julian McKay, comes on the scene and asks the headteacher for a Crow guardian.

As a nearly graduate, Calista has to help the hot-throb wishing granter to find their stolen Chalice. The key that will generate his dying race, bring the culprit to justice and find their place among the supernatural race that roams secretly in this world.

But secrets that could lead to betrayal and a kidnapping that almost cost Calista her life are making this task a lot harder than she bargained on.

Just some things that you will find in Guardian of Monsters, the series of books that will cover the Djinns and shifters of this world.

I’ve got all three thoroughly planned out in my head, and when I speak about thoroughly, you know it’s only going to be a matter of months to have them all on paper and then get them edited.

I’m going to start soon, so let’s see how fast I can write them. (please note that the story is in my head for over four years, so it’s not a story I’m just slapping together. I’ve worked out all the kinks, turns, and events, characters, plot lines and what needs to happen. It’s my secret to writing fast. If you have the story thoroughly plotted, then you can easily write a book in a month or less. I’ve written Hinder in two weeks on this formula.)

I can’t wait to share this series with you. It is the series I should’ve actually started the Guardian of Monsters with, but yes, I’m always working from the back to the front.

So just something to wait for.

I hope you love the result.

Till later,


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