Danielle Laurant has been struggling to be accepted behind the vail where witches and other supernatural roams free. But she is fighting for that chance, for her half witch/human unborn babies to live in the world where they belong, and juggling her new duties is a lot harder than what she is used to.

Marick Young, the prince of the mages, had to abdicate his throne in order to have the love of his life Danielle by his side. Still, it’s a hard struggle to be truly accepted as it’s forbidden to love a human. 

Still, secrets can make or break any situation—especially when it’s one that goes against the grain of otherworldly laws. And Danielle is stuck right in the middle.

In this exciting, fast paced, second part of the Royal Mages series by USA Today Bestselling Author Kristin Ping, prepare for a forbidden romance like no other.



It felt as if I was dying. The pain was unbearable and no amount of magic in this world could ease the pains of labor.

It felt as if it was never going to stop and feel as if my entire body was pulled in different directions.

They had to send Marick out as he fainted. He fucking fainted. What a wuss.

No, I was alone on this bed with the only woman in this family that knew what it was I was experiencing right at this moment.

“C’mon, Danielle, you can do this.” Mila, Marick’s sister said as his mother just dabbed me with a cold cloth.

“One strong push, it’s all you need to do.” Mila said again and I pushed with all of my might.

I felt a slight bit of relief when the physician took out one of the babies. I’ve never been this tired before, but this wasn’t over yet. There was another one and it too still needed to be born.

But right at this moment, I couldn’t breathe, as my baby wasn’t crying.

It finally bawled its little lungs out and for some reason I started to cry too.

“Congratulations, it’s another Prince, your highness,” the Doctor spoke to the queen.

“Oh, Danny, that is wonderful.” Marick’s mother had tears in her eyes as the doctor gave the baby to a nurse that came with him to the palace.

“What do you say, Danielle, ready for the next one.”

I wasn’t, but my stupid head bobbed. I had no choice.

“Let’s do this,” Marick’s mother and sister both held my hands and the contraction pain started all over again.

A scream left my mouth as I was determined to get the baby out of me, but it was just as painful and just as hard as the first time.

Why twins of all things. Why me?

It actually happened faster this time around and by the third strong push, my second baby was born.

“Another prince,” the physician said when he too started to cry. Two boys.

Marick was going to be out of his element.

“Rest,” Magdel, Marick’s mom said and she didn’t have to ask me twice.

I was beyond tired.

I was finally a mother, a mother of two baby boys.

When I woke up the room was dark. Only a small light was lighting half of the other side of the room.

I heard soft murmurings and looked to the corner of the room where I found Marick sitting in the rocking chair with one of his son’s in his arms, speaking gently to him.

I smiled.

I didn’t feel as sticky as I thought I would be and assumed that there was some sort of magic involved.

I was dressed in a nightgown too.

He lifted his head and saw I was awake. Gasped playfully and got up from the rocking chair in one fluent movement and came over to me, lying on the bed.

“Say hello to your mother, Emile.” Marick said and he put little Emile in my arms.

He was beautiful. Had dark blonde hair like his father with the greenest eyes I’ve ever seen. There was a bit of me in him too. 

I laughed at the joy that was bubbling in me and tears flooded my sight.

Marick crawled in next to me as I cuddled Emile.

“He is so beautiful.”

“They both are,” Marick spoke softly. “You did a great job, love. Sorry that I was such a wuss.”

I laughed but that was it.

I felt his lips on the side of my temple as I just stared at the perfect little creation that was a mixture of both of me and Marick.

“Where is Josua,” I asked.

“He is sleeping. A real Sleeping Beauty that one,” he spoke softly as Emile sucked on the tip of my finger.

Marick clicked his fingers, and I only saw the pacifier floating in the air when it appeared close to Emile’s mouth.

I chuckled. “Magic sure has its perks.” I said and took it hovering in the air and placed it into Emile’s mouth.

This was it, my family and a part of me wish that I could’ve shared it with my mother. But she wouldn’t believe any of this. Not by a mile. As witches just simply didn’t exist. Or not the kind that had become my family, my life.

Days had passed and I was already up and going. The birthing pains long forgotten. 

Emile and Josua were identical. It was hard to see the difference, but the way I’d been staring at them when they breastfeed, I could tell the difference between my boys. A mother always knows.

The royal family wasn’t starting to plan the christening. It was a bit different than normal human christianings and a big affair. The royal wisp was going to make her choice now that they were born.

She hadn’t even made her acquaintance yet and way at the back of my mind, Ariel’s words were bothering me, a lot. 

She said that it wasn’t the babies at all that Fibbs were pulled to but me.

I was no magical being, but still, her wisp found me addictive, like I was catnip and she said that was why Minaut was acting so strange. That she was a snob as no wisp ever left a witch for a human. It was usually the opposite, they left another witch for a more powerful one.

It was the babies, it had to be one of them.

The day of the Christening finally came.

Everyone came from all over. I felt so out of it and yet, Marick tried his best to include me into his world.

He introduced as many of the witches as he could that was present, even if they just gave me the raised eyebrow or a sniff of the nose.

I felt like the plague again.

Marick got called into a meeting while we all roamed around in the voyeur. I stook one side just looking at everyone. I can’t help but to think about the fact that he said all the witches are vain.

It was something one could see a mile away. They all want to be more beautiful than the next. Not just in clothes but in appearance too.

I decided to take a stroll and made my way to the entrance.

“They are half breeds. I feel sorry for Magdel and Eli. How could Marick even do that.”

I froze as the woman spoke to a group of her lady friends inches from me.

Her back was turned to me.

“Katia is such a powerful choice. Everyone was so looking forward to meeting those offsprings.”

“Half breeds or not. They are your future princes. I’ve learned that the weakest pup usually becomes the strongest wolf.” Another lady said and I tried to see who it was. “Excuse me,” she whispered and I only saw her back. She was beautiful, had dark hair cascading down her back.

“Don’t listen to Ru, she sees the great war, doesn’t know a thing about witches affairs.”

I made my way out of there.

Half breeds. Half breeds!

They were innocent babies, not monster spawns.

I finally burst out the door and stood at the balcony that looked over the garden.

I tried to calm down. Just listening to that woman’s words. What were they even doing here if that is how they feel about all of this.

They shouldn’t be here.

“You okay?” A deep male’s voice said behind me, starling me.

“Sorry,” he apologized. “Didn’t mean to startle you. What does a rare beauty do in a place like this.”

I just raised my eyebrow at him.

He was attractive. Was Marick’s size but extremely broad in the shoulders and he had long hair, a beard, and was protruding importance. 

“Name is Heicko.” He reached out his hand for mine and I was ready to shake it, but he grabbed it gently and kissed me on top of my hand.

His lips was warm and soft and my skin tingled softly.

He was supernatural, alright.

“You can speak, right.” He looked at me with those dark eyes of his.

I chuckled nervously which made him chuckle seductively.

“Sorry, yes, I do speak.”

“So, what brings you to the witch’s affair.”

I left out another nervous laugh and took my hand out of his grip.

“I make you nervous.”

“Wow, you are extremely direct.” I smiled at him.

“I can tell by the way you shy away from me, but yet there is a smile on your face and your heart beat is rapidly beating faster than it should be.”

“Oh, and you can hear all of that by standing there.”

He laughed showing pointy k-nines and for a short moment, I felt a tinge of fear. Vampires can hear far. What if this wasn’t just a witch affair. But Vampires don’t have an alliance with anyone and I saw pictures. This brute of a guy, doesn’t have any of the vampire markings.

“What are you doing at this witch’s affair.”

“My duty to give my blessings to the half breeds.”

“Seriously,” I got upset. “WHy is everyone calling them half breeds. They are babies.”

I glared at the guy and I stomped away.

“Hey, what did I say.”

He didn’t follow and I fumed all the way down to the garden.

I found myself near a maze, and seriously didn’t want to be at that gathering.

My kids are not half breeds. They are babies and they are beautiful.

Stupid idiot.

“The maze look so beautiful this time of year.” I heard a female voice on the other side of the mage, close by.

“Remember how we used to get lost in this garden.” She giggled as she spoke to no one in particular.

I kept listening to her childhood memories of this place. It didn’t sound like Mila, and I doubt that I ever met her. But why was she speaking to herself.

Our path’s met when the edge came into a passageway and I had to grab my heart again as the lady and a guy sitting in a wheelchair almost bump into me.

“Sorry,” she said. “We didn’t mean to startle you.” She smiled. The guy in the wheelchair was making a funny noise, like he was laughing. He was disabled, badly.

“Well, I wasn’t, but I can’t say the same for Eric.”

I smiled. “It’s okay. You are Sebastian’s family.” I heard about Eric. The guy that was cursed. A curse could do that to you?

“His brother. Not mine. Thank heavens for that.”

I laughed again.

“NAME…” she reached out her hand.

“Danielle. The human.”

She smiled. “Don’t pay attention to them. Sebastian has told us a lot about you. How you changed his best friend from being a royal brat and idiot, to someone that can actually have become one of the greatest kings the witches had.”

“My fault too. Sorry.”

“Don’t apologize Danielle. I think it’s romantic. He fell in love with someone that was so against his law. Fight for it. I’m a sucker for forbidden Romances.”

I chuckled as she walked further with Eric, pushing him down the direction I came.

“I didn’t want him to give this up.”

“A crown prince giving up his kingdom, sure is a prince worthy of a crown.”

I laughed the way she said it. It made sense, but he was never going to get it.

“They are calling my babies half breeds. This world is not going to be easy on them, are they.”

“You’re kidding me. They are royalty. You show me which person is going to dare say something remotely cruel into their face, I’ll show you a dead man.”

I liked her. She was funny and spoke seriously the truth.

“And ignore the witches calling your son’s half breeds. They are vain and filled with jealousy that a mere human snatched their crown prince’s affection. From what I heard, Minaut, is going to mark them today and choose which of the lucky half breeds are going to be her master.”

I get what she tried to do. My babies might not be full witches, but they sure were powerful already.

“Here you are love,” I heard Marick’s voice up ahead and saw him coming running.

“NAME OF ….” He greeted her and kissed her on both cheeks.

“Eric,” he greeted the man in the wheelchair and then looked at me. “What are you doing out here.”

“I needed fresh air. These people…”

“Are our guests,” Marick smiled and I grunted.

He chuckled. “Come, I need to introduce you to someone. Thanks Francine.” He spoke to her and I waved at her goodbye over my shoulder.

“She is really nice.”

“Yes, compassion is her gift.”

“Wait, compassion can be one of your gifts.”

“Yes, she was Eric’s best friend and she didn’t leave him after he got cursed but fell in love with his older brother, Darius. They got married a few years back.”

“Poor Eric.”

“Don’t say that, Love. Please.”

We walked up the stairs to the balcony again and entered the gathering.

He took me straight to a group of overgrown men that was big and I saw the back of the guy that spoke to me outside on the balcony, the guy that called my children half breeds.

“Heicko, I would like you to meet my wife, Danielle.” Marick said and he turned around. Smiled when he saw me, but I didn’t smile when I saw him. I just glared at him.

“Love, this is…”

“I know who he is. We had the pleasure earlier today.”

“Oh, you try to sweep the love of my life off her feet now, Heico.”

“Marick, I didn’t know she was the love of your life. I didn’t even know she was yours, or that her name is Danielle. Very French.”

His friends laughed, and Marick just smiled.

“Heico is the alpha of the wolves, Danielle.”

“Okay, that makes a lot of sense.” I chirped and they all laughed again.

“So this is the human that has the witches realm up in flames. She looks harmless to me, Marick.”

He chuckled again.

He spoke to Heico in a different language and everyone gasped. The alpha surely looked at him impressed but then he turned his gaze from Maric back to me and I felt uncomfortable again by the way he stared at me as if I was a prize to be won.

Alpha or no Alpha, he gave me the creeps.

Heico finally laughed. “I’m impressed, your Highness.” He just winked at me, making me more pissed off and then he turned back to his pack as Marick leaded me away.

“What did you say to him.”

“I told him…”

“The Christening of Emile and Josua Young is ready.” The pope or whatever they called him appeared from the doors of the room where the christening was going to take place. As one everyone turned to the entrance and slowly made their way inside.