LockPass Pre-Order and Giveaway for January


Okay, so I know Instagram isn’t the greatest when it comes to links. I wish that they could change it, so I’m doing a blog post about LockPass pre-order and to gain easy access to reserving your copy.

I’ve started to exclusively run pre-orders via my store. We don’t call them pre-orders we call them reserve your copy! 

If you like to find out more why I started to do this, you can watch my explanation on my SPLIT CHANNEL here.

The pre-order is going to be fun and filled with activities for the next three months. We are building them on a monthly basis. So if you reserve your copy via my store, you will definitely be able to participate in getting your hands on the pre-order goodies.

It’s very easy, you just leave your email address. Please note that you are not signing up for my newsletter when you reserve your copy but you will get the pre-order goodies of Lockpass through a Newsletter for the duration of the pre-order.

Then, while you wait, as I know three months is a long time to wait to get your hands on amazing reads, I have conducted a list of my favorite Paranormal Romance books for you to look at and hopefully read if you haven’t read them already. Tell me what you think after you read them.


1. Kindred (Kindred, Book 1): A Paranormal Romance Vampire Hunter Series.

This book is written by Nicola Claire and I love how she painted her world. Simon and Gigi are wonderful developed characters and the plot thickens as you carry on reading. It does have a high heat rate, so be warn, but I love it overall. Grab your book and support this author.

2. Fallen Academy: Year One

Leia Stone is one of my favorite Paranormal authors and I devour her books like mad. Her story telling ability and great character development is what leaves me wanting more from this author. It’s filled with good vs Evil and this one is pumped with action, filled with angels, demons, mages, shifters, you name it. A great read.

3.  Shadow Mate (Wolf Moon Academy Book 1)

Jen L. Grey wrote this little diamond, and it definitely a series that I recommend you start reading. You will meet Mia and Liam, Bree, Tripp and so many more to just fell in love with. It plays off in an Academy and her plot lines and story line will let you crave more. Jen did not disappoint with this one. Strongly recommend you start reading it. Just a warning, there is some emotional abuse in this novel that might trigger something to the sensitive,  but overall, a series you definitely want to give a try.

4. This Dark Wolf: Soul Bitten Shifter Book 1

Written by Everly Frost. She has been doing this for a while and you can see it through her structure of stories, characters and plots.  Tessa is our main character and she is a complexed one, but written beautifully. You are rooting for her from the beginning to the end. Loads of plots and twists I did not see at all, which is hard for me, as I always see them coming, so that should tell you something. Give Everly Frost a try and let me know what you think.

5. Midlife Bounty Hunter: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel (The Forty Proof Series Book 1)

By Shannon Mayer. Something completely different in my opinion. The characters are much older, wiser and the sass is great. She has put her own touch on Magic and I loved every bit of it. You definitely want to get involved in Breena’s life and follow her how she grows and takes back her life after her ex husband stripped her and leaves her with nothing. A definite read to give a chance.



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