I finally lifted off my Patreon Account!

As you might have seen in my Newsletter today, I announced my Patreon Page. I wanted to do this for such a long time but had to think a lot about the tiers as it has to be awesome, right. It has to be worth every penny.

The Reason:

Why I opened A PATREON SUPPORT PAGE. Well, that answer is quite easy. It takes a lot of money to get your books out in the world and sometimes authors cannot afford it by the number of books we are selling. Especially when everything goes back into marketing. Marketing is a slow process and if you do not know what you are doing, an even harder process to learn. All of it comes up to obeseness amount of cash and with everything, I still would like to do, well, I’m going to need support wherever I can.

But it’s not like me just taking your money, oh no dear reader.

What I’m giving you instead is so, so much more.


I only have one Tier. What is a tier? Well, it’s like a transaction. Like everything you buy has a price, right. So instead of just asking you for money, I’m actually throwing a lot of products for free where others have to pay for them.

My tier is only $5. That is $5 a month. It’s a Starbucks Frappuccino. 

And you will get all my future releases, starting with the pre-orders absolutely free.

Below is a list of what I’m offering for your support, or you can also watch the video below, where I speak about my Patreon Page and why I started with it in detail.

Get exclusive content and updates for ALL my 4 pen names. Adrienne Woods, Isabella White, Kristin Ping, and Judith Holstrom.
  • Behind the scenes content – Video (At least twice a month)
  • Get Early Access and my NEW eBook releases for FREE
  • Get Exclusive Short Stories
  • Exclusive Posts and Updates (at Least Twice a Month)
  • FREE Swag and Bonus Content
  • Q&A Direct one-on-one Connection
  • 50% Fire Quill Publishers Shop Discount – On my previous eBook Releases

Or watch the video below


Thank you so much for your time and for considering supporting me. Your support means the world to me.

TO check out my Patreon Page, go here