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Happy New 2022!

  Happy new year, everyone. I hope this year is going to be full of wonderful surprises for each and everyone for you. I know my year is fully booked with stories that I need to get on to paper and out in the world.

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Book Tours and Teasers

Book Promotions for February.

Below is all the book promotions I could find my hands on. So indulge in this month. Available till the 13th of February 2022   Available till the 15th of February   Available till the 28th of February   Available till the 28th of February

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Latest Releases

Latest Release: LockPass (Varcolac Series Book 4)

  Lockpass (Varcolac Book 4) Twenty-Five-year-old Morgan Freeman had been kidnapped and ended up in the one place she never thought she would be. Will she be able to get back to her fiance, the three-thousand-year-old Varcolac, Jason Chase, in time to stop the Great

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Coming Soon

Guardian of Monster Saga: The Djinns

Yes, you’ve heard it right. The last three books telling Julian’s story, starting with my freebie Crows of Winter, will come soon. It follows Guardian Calista, who can change into a crow. The crows are the guardians of the Djinns and she is among a

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